Siemens#Configure TP HMI with Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi Side

click the PC Parameters inside the Parameters drop-list in the GXWORKS2.

Click the tab of Ethernet port setting.

1.Enter your PLC IP

2.choose Binary data exchange 

3.allow write the data in Run Mode.

4.Finally click the “Open setting”

Choose TCP , MC Protocol and set your port.

you can freely use any ports but after 1024 is better;)

Finally , the check button to check the settings Finish

Now Mitsubishi is Ready. please download your configurations into CPU.

Siemens Side

Now it is Siemens Turn.

We will use TP900 in this blog.

Configure the Connection setting in the Connections tab.

create a new connection and choose Mitsubishi MC TCP/IP in the Communication driver select list.

Because I am using a Q-series CPU, I will select “Q” in the CPU Type selection tab.

please match the setting of IP and port that you configured in the Mitsubishi-side.

Finally, let’s make some tags.

And the Data type,Address.Done!

Please feel free to ask any question.

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