Project#Start up your ATV320_Part4_Configure the STO Safety Function

In the last tutorial, we use ctrlx and Modbus TCP apps to get the data from tm221me16t schneider PLC via modbus TCP.This time I will show you how to configure the STO Safety function in the ATV320 drive.

Let’s start!

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Becare that the Safety Function (STO) will not remove the DC Bus power, but just the power of the motor.The Power stage will be disabled immediately if STO function is triggered.If there is a vertical movement in your application, It should be better to bring the motor to a standstill and keep it in standstill stage while STO is used.(for example,using a service brake)

The STO function can only be configured with the commissioning software(in this tutorial, somove is used).

For the STO Terminal in ATV320, you can choose DI3/DI4 or DI5/DI6 or DI3/STO as pair.

You can also find more information from this post:

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Here is the Converter that I used to convert from USB to RS485.

Here is the color of the RJ45 connector.


Connect the Converter to your PC and open the Device Manager.

You can find the COM if the Driver can be identified.


 Launch the SoMove Software and Press Connect.

Communication Setting

Open the Communication Setting,

Check your com number from the Device Manager/Baud Rate settings/Parity/Stop Bit..etc of your ATV320.

Scan devices

Press “Scan devices” to scan your Drives.

Done!ATV320 is found.


Press “Connect” to establish the connection between your PC and ATV320.

Please wait a minute..

Agree the Instruction and Press “OK”.

Please wait a minute..

Done! The Connection between your Drive and Somove software are established.

Safety Function

Now we can configure the STO function by open the “Safety Functions” Tab.

Press the “Configure” Button to setup your safety Application.

If it is your first time to login to the safety function, A new password must be set.

Here is the Password rules:

  • Only Numbers(1..9999)
  • Should not exceed more than 4 digits
  • 0 is not allowed in your password.

After the password is configured, the safety configuration screen is shown.


Open the “STO” Tab.

Select the list from “STO:Assignment STO”.

L34 is configured in this tutorial – it means the STO will trigger if DI3 or DI4 are both in False.

Press “OK” to confirm your setting.

Please wait a minute..



You can check the operation result from this Link:


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